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R-480 Nanoliter Injection Pump
Get Free (Gifts Value $150):
5 Glass Pipettes
5 pieces of Sealing Material

R-480 Nanoliter Injection Pump
Stereotaxic Instrument
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10 Glass Pipettes
5 pieces of Sealing Material
5 Osmotic Pumps

R-480 Nanoliter Injection Pump
Stereotaxic Instrument
Anesthesia Machine
Get Free (Gifts Value $750):
10 Glass Pipettes
5  pieces of Sealing Material
5  Osmotic Pumps
1 Microdrill
5 Drill bits

Learn More about  R-480 Nanoliter Injection Pump
R-480 Nanoliter Injection Pump
Designed for high-precision microinjection, with nanoliter volume injection using fine glass capillaries.
Precise injection
Unique seal gasket design ensures precision and accuracy of injection. Precise plunger displacement control with error less than 1%, ensuring consistent injection volume each time.
Easy to use
Visual touch interface with real-time display of the injection process. Auotmated injection counts by built-in software, no needs for manual counting. Multiple injection cycles can be programmed, without tedious manual Settings. Foot switch to control injection is available.
Protective design
Experimental data can be stored well even the accidental power-off. Plug with anti-misalignment mark can safeguard instrument damage by misplacing the connection cable.
What Are They Saying
The design of the R-480 syringe pump gasket is very ingenious, as the glass electrode can be inserted directly. It is very convenient, and there is no need to reinstall the gasket every time like other brands. The airtightness is also very good, and there is no leakage. In addition, the piston of the syringe pump can be returned with one key, which is very convenient without manual recovery. 

——City University of Hong Kong
I love the injector pump!
——Neuroscience Student Council(NSC)

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

This microinjection pump can well control the injection speed and injection volume, which is more suitable for stereotaxic microinjection. In terms of functions single injections or multiple injections are also added and corresponding needle retention time reminders can also be set. All in all, it is a good performance syringe pump. 

——Fudan University
BUY R-480 Nanoliter Injection Pump    Save Up to $750